The Young Social Entrepreneur Shaping a Better Future for At-Risk Children in Bangkok

I’ve been wanting to share a lot more here about the people and stories I find truly fascinating and inspiring.

The first on that list is someone very unique that I’d like to shine a spotlight on:

My closest friend in Bangkok — Dwight Turner — is the crazy changemaker behind the grassroots volunteer organization In Search of Sanuk (2016 update: now ‘Courageous Kitchen’)

He is an inspirational and unique character in the strange chaotic melting pot that is Southeast Asia. His love for others, and his dedication to helping children and families in need shines brilliantly in the darkness.

If you’ve been following me here at Thrilling Heroics for long, you will have seen his name before, but somebody with some skill finally picked up a video camera and followed him around Bangkok to get a real tactile feel for what he’s doing to make this little corner of the world a better place, working hard to help urban refugees in Thailand.

I’ll let this quick 4-minute documentary speak for itself, so watch it. If the video doesn’t appear for you, click here to watch it. It’s only a few moments of your time, and I promise it will be well spent.

To me, Dwight is a shining example of the entrepreneurs — or social inventors — who are creating new realities that will shape the next century. 

He’s a selfless, hard-working global citizen who genuinely cares about making the world a better place, and people like him are doing it, one little bit at a time.

If this short documentary has you inspired, then find out more about Dwight’s project and begin your unconventional giving by donating today. Give just a few dollars, a small sum that could very well have a major impact on the lives of an underprivileged family living in poverty.

Dwight is just the first of many incredible social inventors and changemakers who we will highlight here at Thrilling Heroics… But  Bangkok certainly wouldn’t be the same without him.

You can also see the part In Search of Sanuk had in changing our good friend Ryan’s life, as just one example.

Help Courageous Kitchen (previously ‘In Search of Sanuk’) hit their “Fun-Raising” goals for 2012 by making a one-time or monthly donation here through PayPal.

If you’re feeling generous like I am, then let’s share with Courageous Kitchen to help them continue the good work they’re doing to improve lives in Bangkok.

Go here to make a donation.

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  1. John | Married (with Debt)
    John | Married (with Debt) says:

    “I believe you should stand up for people being wronged.”

    To me, that was the most important statement in the video. Such a soft-spoken, yet powerful call to action.

    The other statement that stood out was:

    “The least we can do is better than this.”

    If that doesn’t get you motivated, I don’t know what will.

  2. tunimaal
    tunimaal says:

    Woauh this guy is amazingly nice. You can feel on the video that he is sincere which is rare now. Hope they will be more guys like him around the world

  3. Sergio Felix
    Sergio Felix says:

    Don’t really know Dwight’s story but I’m 100% certain than what he does is not an easy task and not for anyone either.

    Big kudos to him (and you guys) for such an amazing and retributing job.

    I’m pretty sure he rises up every morning with a smile on his face.

    There aren’t many like these anymore, still so much to learn from others.


  4. Jacko
    Jacko says:

    Do good and have a good time at the same time. Awesomeness personified.

    I think Tom Joyner has a party with a purpose line that he uses it either way lets enjoy life to the fullest. That starts with helping the weakest among us.

    Excellent work,post,site,stuff

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