The HERO Project mission is to equip 1 million children and young leaders with a transformative learning framework that will help them develop confidence, discipline, courage, and clear vision for their lives.

“In times of radical uncertainty, it’s necessary that the Hero be born.

Because the Hero is the person who doesn’t deal with something specific, the Hero is the person that deals with Uncertainty itself. And that’s the Great Dragon of Chaos.

…What’s necessary is for the individual to become prepared for anything and everything, and the way that you do that is by developing your character.”

–Dr. Jordan Peterson, University of Toronto professor of psychology

We are busily translating the ubiquitous ‘Hero’s Journey’ monomyth into a practical blueprint for personal growth and accelerated learning.

The Hero’s Journey is a storytelling and learning framework that traces the hero’s footsteps from mediocrity to mastery – from the Call to Adventure to the Road of Trials, a journey often through the Underworld, conquering great setbacks and being recast with a new, greater identity, with new wisdom and insights to share with his or her community.

We base our research largely around the work of Joseph Campbell (the late, great American mythologist), Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (professor of psychology at the University of Toronto), and clinical psychiatrist M. Scott Peck (author of The Road Less Travelled)

The HERO Project is dedicated to translating the academic work of these wise teachers, and developing practical tools designed to help children and young leaders explore the world around them, and empower you to overcome great adversity, slaying your own inner dragons, and navigating towards your goals and your vision for an ideal future.

We will soon release a 100% data-secure private network and Workspace app, the HERO Foundry – where parents and project teams can co-work virtually across the globe o n new business ideas, personal development projects, school fundraising goals, and other dream projects!

Who We Are

Cody & Jam Milcah McKibben run the HERO Foundry , a virtual leadership accelerator and entrepreneurial incubator network. Cody has written professionally since 2006 about personal development, entrepreneurial education, and international innovation. Over the last 10 years we have helped over 1,000 people to transform their education, start businesses, and even travel overseas.

We are committed to developing The HERO Project as a life-changing educational legacy for our son Christopher and for our family. A software and education startup dedicated to creating personal growth tools, hosting education-themed events, and building a MOVEMENT for those of us who are dedicated to conquering our inner demons and consciously creating order out of the chaos of our lives.

“So it is in good parenting as well as in good psychotherapy. The same extension of ourselves is involved in listening to our children. To respond to their healthy needs we must change ourselves. Only when we are willing to undergo the suffering of such changing can we become the parents our children need us to be. And since children are constantly growing and their needs are changing, we are obliged to change and grow with them. Everyone is familiar with parents, for instance, who can deal effectively with their children until the time of adolescence, but who then become totally ineffective as parents because they are unable to change and adjust their attitudes toward their now older and different children. And, as in all other instances of love, it would be incorrect to view the suffering and changing involved in good parenting as some kind of self-sacrifice or martyrdom; to the contrary, parents have more to gain from the process than their children. Parents who are unwilling to risk the suffering of changing and growing and learning from their children are choosing a path of senility — whether they know it or not — and their children and the world will leave them far behind. Learning from their children is the best opportunity most people have to assure themselves of a meaningful old age. Sadly, most do not take this opportunity.”

–Dr. M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled

In collaboration with our friends at Courageous Kitchen, a 501c3 charitable foundation based in Atlanta, GA, and their platform working with youth and asylum-seeking families in Bangkok, Thailand, we aim to eventually employ in-person training camps and provide entrepreneurial classes to underserved children and young adults, to help fund sustainable business projects and provide remote web-based work for those most in need.

Sincere thanks for your support and God bless you

–Cody McKibben
Creative Director, HERO Foundry

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