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12 years in the making, the HERO Foundry is a globally-connected business incubator network and virtual idea laboratory committed to awakening heroic souls around the world and inspiring change through personal responsibility and transformation.

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Accelerator Program

An Entrepreneurial Accelerator for Aspiring Heroes

Our mission is to equip 1 million children and young leaders with a transformative, entrepreneurial learning framework that will help them develop confidence, discipline and courage, and EXECUTE unfailingly towards a clear, driving VISION — both for their lives and their communities.

HERO Foundations

Discover the 4 Pillars Philosophy to establish a firm foundation – an essential recipe for maintaining a truly balanced and well-rounded life.

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HERO Learning Framework

Learn how the "Hero’s Journey monomyth" story cycle and growth framework can help guide you through both the business iteration process and personal trials.

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HERO Focus Training

Develop the positive habits necessary to get more of the results you want and rewrite your story for success.

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  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, professor of psychology, University of Toronto

    “In times of radical uncertainty, it’s necessary that the HERO be born. Because the Hero is the person who doesn’t deal with something specific, the Hero is the person that deals with Uncertainty itself. And that’s the Great Dragon of Chaos. …What’s necessary is for the individual to become prepared for anything and everything, and the way that you do that is by developing your character.”

Unleash Your Hidden Inner Superpowers

  • X Marks the Spot…

    12-module Hero’s Journey curriculum, private HERO Foundation Library, and secret King’s Chamber Archives provide a powerful map to navigate the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

  • 40+ Case Studies and Workshops

    Learn from several dozen incredible mentors around the globe — CEOs,  founders, bestselling authors, investors, and leaders across 6 continents!

  • Global Mentorship Network & MasterMind Groups

    Get plugged directly into a high-value network of amazing entrepreneurs & creators that we scoured the earth for 9 years and invested nearly $500K to meet.

  • Stay connected inside the HERO Foundry App

    Stay connected 24/7 on your laptop or phone with our exclusive app (just like Facebook, but 100% PRIVATE & Secure) we have our own exclusive platform to connect with like-minded people and share struggles and wins together.

  • Get the FULL Academy Archives

    We’re unsealing the ENTIRE DNA Academy Vault for the first time, with over 85 hours of interviews, podcasts, video workshops, and webinars.

  • A Treasure Chest of Entrepreneurial Tools

    In addition to the HERO Foundations and Intro to Business Fundamentals 101 Guide, you also get $1000s in exclusive discounts and bonuses for all the tools you’ll need to build YOUR organization.

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  • Timothy Juliussen – Father, Veteran and Business Owner

    “When I am 90 years old I will look back on the time where I discovered Thrilling Heroics and I will be able to tell my great-grandkids, ‘yes, that is the moment where everything changed.'”

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