The HERO Project

The HERO Project is an early-stage events, education, and technology organization that aims to awaken heroic souls around the globe and inspire the next generation to change the world, first by starting with themselves.

Our mission is to equip 1,000,000 children and young leaders with a transformative learning framework that will help them develop confidence, discipline, courage, and clear vision for their lives.

We have already raised over $2,500 in backer support, and validated our first product idea with 80+ paying customers. Much more to come. Read the full project prospectus here.

Something Exciting is Coming to Northern California

We’re seeking partners to help us facilitate a series of transformative talks, events, mixers, cookouts, and even a conference. Starting in Sacramento, spreading across Northern California and the Sierra Nevadas soon.

HERO Talks and HERO Meetups

We’re gathering parents, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives of all walks of life, to host a series of Hero’s Journey-related lectures and live events for people interested in the intersection of the arts, storytelling, society, psychology, and belief.

We are currently seeking volunteers in Sacramento, California, and across the USA, who can screen pre-recorded university lectures and host local dinners, help us to host live speakers, workshops, and presentations, and plan mixers, parties, and fundraisers for the HERO Project and our sister charity organization Courageous Kitchen.

Lend Your Gifts

If you want to get in touch with us to help pitch in somehow, if you’re interested to be a speaker, to help us host an event, to lend us your space, volunteer, invite a lecturer to your school, or connect us with potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please sign up for our exclusive Facebook community to get connected with over 400 heroes on 5 continents, and follow our private email list (below) to get regular updates as the HERO Project develops: