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“Your BEING is awesome — combining study of Scripture with the Warriors Way. You will be unstoppable. I do not have the same connection with faith as you and so I am in awe this in regard.”

“The attacks seem relentless and endless… Jesus is the Victor. He did all the work. We need to trust Him and claim His authority and victory. It ain’t easy but He said it wouldn’t be – ‘Where two or three are gathered, there He is.'”

“I have to tell you, you have opened my eyes to what is possible and our life will never be the same again. I now have a strong foundation and am concentrating on what I believe will be some monumental wins in the next year.

I have been working with Cody for years learning the Hero’s Journey. He has helped me go from scattered to focused in business. If you are looking for an excellent trainer that lives by the Truth, look no further than Cody.”

Cody is a superhero. His excitement to share his wisdom about business and life helped me break through obstacles again and again over the past four months. If you want to escape your false constraints and live life on your own terms, you’d do well to listen to him.

“For me this whole process was an intervention from God, I feel it and am aware of His presence for the first time deeply in my heart. I have rage and I have hurt the ones that I love. I have had empires and walked away or burned them down… Everyday I wake up and do a gratitude stack to God and it puts me into a positive path for my day.”

“I was like a vessel in the ocean with no direction or destination… now the vision is becoming more clear and allows me to focus on what I truly want out of life. Things that actually serve me rather than things that lead me to death. My life and actions are a living testimony to me, and without action my life would lack in direction and purpose.”

“One of the biggest problems with the ‘church’ (aside from legalism, hypocrisy, and even lying to itself and the world), is the absence of strong MEN to LEAD. There’s a time to turn the cheek, and there’s a time to take out the sword. God needs warriors as much as he needs preachers to fight the war that is coming and already here. Looking forward to next one!”

“This is one of the best Sunday morning sermons I’ve ever heard. The explanation and ‘frame’ on what it means to live as a citizen, subject, Warrior King and Kingdom Warrior is eye opening to say the least.”

“Cody shared a great insight that stuck with me about partnering with God, and that is who I feel like I’m working with when I’m selling. I’m not enrolling my people into MY stuff — I’m enrolling them into identities and emotional states that they’re after. So I have to EMBODY the Promised Land and lead them out of the Pain they want to get out of.”

“The HERO Foundry is a special opportunity where, no matter where I am, I can jump on a call and share both the failures and successes of our businesses. That’s really important, because not a lot of people really understand what’s going on when you have so much depending on you, so many people depending on you…”