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Follow the Footsteps of the Hero's Journey…

Understanding the Hero's Journey Framework will empower you to push through setbacks, failures, and pursue powerful personal transformation.

  • develop your mental toughness and face challenges and failures with greater resilience
  • transform your habits and enhance your wellbeing
  • improve your invaluable relationships
  • expand your inner power to increase your wealth, your vision, and drive!

High-Performance Lifestyle Engineering through Psychology and Storytelling

Our mission is to equip 1,000,000 children and young leaders with a transformative learning framework that will help them develop confidence, discipline, courage, and clear vision for their lives.

The HERO Project is an early-stage education technology and events organization that aims to awaken heroic souls around the globe and inspire the next generation to change the world, first by starting with themselves.

Join the Global Campaign to Reawaken the HERO Spirit

We’re gathering parents, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives of all walks of life for a series of Hero’s Journey events at the intersection of the arts, storytelling, society, psychology, and belief.