Moving the Family to Chiang Mai

Quick update: I’m currently in the process of moving my family to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I’m more focused than I have been for YEARS on my craft, recently re-connected with my purpose and unlocking a flow of creative energy, ideas, and determination. So I’m keeping a bit more to myself, pulling long hours, and doing lots of things that scare me on a daily basis.

Sometimes I feel a little bad for depriving Jam and LittleMan of more quality time, but it’s nice to be a fatherpreneur.

I spend all my time on these things: (in order of time spent)

  • Doing my best to be a good father and role model
  • Working on connecting incredible people in ways I haven’t imagined yet – to help make amazing new things happen
  • Trying to see what happens when we get a lot of REALLY awesome people with BIG ideas together and empower each other to kick more ass than ever before – inside a new group I’m temporarily calling The HERO Project
  • Dreaming about if we can actually get Tim Ferriss & Arnold Schwarzenegger to fulfill their promise to make a motivational video for the HERO Project!
  • FINALLY making time to write new articles, being *really* honest, and sharing my new-found enthusiasm and FIRE inside
  • Working on a book proposal – thanks to Guy Vincent and his encouragement
  • Brainstorming some kind of large-scale movement/organization to help provide more structured guidance to young men, entrepreneurial education, mentorship, etc. to encourage growth into the best men they can be
  • Trying to remember to do a few pushups each day

Those are my top priorities in life right now, and I’m unfortunately without the energy to do much of anything else until I reach the next level.

What I’ve been thinking about lately

If you have questions for me, unfortunately my time is exceptionally precious and therefore expensive now. I can’t always respond properly to the amount of things in my email inbox. It’s full of wonderful people, empowering feedback, and great causes I wish I could get behind, but I have to prioritize my time better now than I ever have. So if you have questions, best to keep them short – I try to interact a fair amount on Twitter, it’s the best place to reach out to me with something succinct.

You can follow my occasional email updates to be kept in the loop about what I’m working on.