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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! ?

A great time to move our focus towards gratitude. To count our blessings.

What are you grateful for?

My friend Gus Turner recently posed a challenge asking friends to practice gratitude in the emotional days after the US elections.

Here’s my video for the #MakeAmericaGratefulAgain Gratitude Challenge:

Big shout outs to:

  • My father, mother, stepmother, and grandmother.
  • My 90 Day Hero’s Challenge MasterMind crew!
  • Rob Hanly and the Maintaining Alpha accelerator group.
  • Zachary Stockill – thanks for helping me dip my toes into meditation back in Chile.
  • Matt Goult – for many insightful conversations.
  • Yamile Yemoonyah, creator of Spirit Guide School.
  • Amber Zuckswert and Daniel Finnerty of Epic Self.

Whether you’re American or not, Thanksgiving is as good an excuse as any to be reminded of gratitude and to meditate on the people and things you’re thankful for.

I highly recommend each of you film your own short (1 min) video just thanking a few people close to you for what they’ve contributed to your life, or simply expressing your thankfulness for … well, whatever it is you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving!

(And if you want to join me, my Queen, and some good friends of mine for a 30-day meditation and mindfulness challenge starting today, from Thanksgiving through to Christmas and beyond, join the free Facebook group here!)

Anyone in the world, American or not, in the US or abroad, please join us in expressing gratitude. Let’s counter the noise and negativity with positivity, gratitude, and love!

Here’s Gus’ original post:

#MakeAmericaGratefulAgain I've had the idea of a gratitude challenge for months after talking with a friend. Given everything going on in not just America, but the world, now's the time to share it. The objective is to fill up the space with gratitude, positivity, and love! The rules are simple, record a video expressing gratitude and tag those individuals in it. Share it on social media with the hashtag #MakeAmericaGratefulAgain @allietswain @zach1904 @nausheenshah @conni.biesalski @andrew.salgado.artist @ellen_degeneres @theellenshow @theviewabc @cubs Will you join the movement to make America, and the world, grateful again? #makeamericagreatagain #america #grateful #als #icebucketchallenge #gratitude #positivity #love

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The #MakeAmericaGratefulAgain challenge “rules” are simple:

  • Nominate a few people by expressing thanks and gratitude for whatever reason. Love, kindness, best bbq, hugs, it’s your call!
  • Make a video to share on social media, name the people and why. Make certain to tag them so they know. (FYI, Instagram is 1 minute max)
  • In the text box, name, tag, and tell your nominees once again, especially if you cannot get it under 60 seconds. Or do it twice
  • Share on social media and include the hashtag #MakeAmericaGratefulAgain
  • Sit back, take a deep breath in, hold, release and be grateful, even for the smallest of things because life is uncertain at best

In health and wellness,

Gus @dailyselfcare