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Always on the hunt for clear skies, especially through stormy times.

Music helps.

Immerse yourself in the rapture of music.
You know what you love.
Go there.
Tend to each note, each chord,
Rising up from silence and dissolving again.
Vibrating strings draw us
Into the spacious resonance of the heart.
The body becomes light as the sky
And you, one with the Great Musician,
Who is even now singing us Into existence.”

tantry ādi vādya śabdeṣu dīrgheṣu krama saṁsthiteḥ | ananya cetāḥ pratyante para vyoma vapur bhavet | | 41 | |

Lorin Roche – The Radiance Sutras

[from our very own John Carey]

And a song made fresh in my mind today thanks to Jeremy Frandsen (and baby Groot!)