Head Start HEROES

Calling All Ralph Richardson Parents!

We can use all the help we can get…

We want to set a HUGE goal to see if we can raise over $3,000 for the district Head Start programs.

SAVE THE DATE: MAY 5th CINCO DE MAYO AT MADDOX PARK (adjacent to Starr King school)

Sacramento Head Start Heroes

We certainly don’t expect monetary contributions from you parents, but any way you can chip in on May 5th will help make this even more fun for everyone, and PLEASE share with your family, friends, or employers you think might be interested to help sponsor us…

I’m going to share this with Raley’s, Starbucks, local restaurants and small businesses, and we’ll go door to door to invite the whole neighborhood.

Jam & I will provide some food & drinks.
If you want to bring your own potluck style dishes, snacks, etc., outdoor games, of course bring the kids’ bikes or trikes, and anything else you can think of, excellent!

If you have any feedback, tips, or ideas for any changes, please just let me know. We’ll create an FB event and do some promotions very soon…