I am NOT licensed to practice law, to practice medicine, or to give you tax advice, I can’t write you any prescriptions, I don’t have any degrees or certifications with the institutions that show it’s okay for me to give advice of any kind, to conduct any sort of professional training, I don’t have any building licenses, and I’m likely not even incorporated in your jurisdiction.

I very well may offend you. I am known to use coarse language in my writing at times, and I am newly committed to a fierce honesty with this project. You will certainly NOT agree with me all the time, and I should hope you wouldn’t.

I don’t expect we’d have the same views 100% of the time. I won’t shelter you from my own opinions and values, and this is an environment where we welcome constructive and respectful differences of opinion and conversations to understand different viewpoints more thoroughly.

I do not and can not claim to be correct in all cases all the time. I am certain to have bad information at times and I welcome your helpful feedback, additional input, or constructive criticism to help make this a better experience for all. I make no promises or guarantees about YOUR experience.

Thrilling Heroics is simply my personal opinion column and an archive of one man’s life — a collection of my own personal experiences, individual notes and case studies, interviews I’ve conducted with experts and colleagues I trust personally, circumstantial evidence and anecdotal experience.

I am NOT a guru, and I’m strictly not interested in starting some political movement. I’m more of a journalist of the human path to improvement. I’m certainly not perfect in any way, I am a man who has made countless mistakes (and who is trying to get better at owning responsibility and apologizing when I’m wrong).

I don’t have a Master’s degree, I didn’t pass the bar exam, I’m not a PhD and I don’t play one on TV, I don’t have some big team of lawyers or any major organization or donors backing me. I don’t support ANY major political party whatsoever, and I am not tied to any sort of special interests other than my own and that of my immediate family. I don’t have the time or energy to read through thousands of pages of federal, state, or local laws, I don’t care about that shit.

family-photoWhen you conduct any sort of business with me, Cody McKibben, you are doing business with my smile and my handshake. You’re dealing with an individual, fallible man, imperfect father and artist who is continually trying to do the right thing, to improve myself, to seek truth, to create valuable art and experiential value for others, and to do what I can to try to make the world a better place for my children to inherit.

I will stumble and I will make mistakes. I hope you will forgive me for being imperfect, however I am a man who is ever more clear on his purpose and mission here in this life and I am following my vision and dreams for a better future.


In the pursuit of said better future (above), I am engaged in doing business and selling products, services, and expertise to support the expenses of maintaining this project and providing a healthy living and education for my family. In some cases, I do and will make recommendations of business partners, other affiliated companies, products, and services that I personally trust and use that may or may not give me a monetary compensation for referring business their way, for discussing or reviewing them.

My writing, my business, and my paid training programs depend upon my readers’, customers’, and visitors’ trust in me and in the Thrilling Heroics brand, so I want to be clear about my monetization and income streams. I do occasionally earn money through multiple avenues, via this site, its newsletters, and sister sites, including:

  • Direct selling services or products
  • Affiliate/referral commissions
  • Partnerships
  • Text ads or (only highly relevant) sponsored posts
  • Public speaking

If you make a purchase after clicking a link mentioned here, we may or may not receive a small commission. But in the rare instance that we do, this commission comes at no extra charge to you, and your purchase will help support our mission here at Thrilling Heroics.

Some of the affiliate programs include (but are not limited to) Commission Junction, which represents certain recommended financial products or travel services, and Amazon books and gear, for example.

Some websites or apps I recommend do occasionally compensate me in ways other than financially — through site credits, free test products, etc. You will see me write about hotels, destinations, and travel services that have provided me complimentary stays or tours on a rare occasion, but I only write truthfully about my experiences, and will not recommend anything I wouldn’t do again. And frankly, most the time I pay my own way and I’ll gladly share about the places and experiences I love most anyways.

I have written online for over a decade, and I pride myself on a very strong reputation I have developed over several years — one I’d like to keep. I don’t promote anything that I don’t use personally or feel is of genuine potential benefit to my readers.

I do recommend that you do the responsible thing and invest some time doing your own research and consider your financial circumstances before purchasing anything from this or any other website.

If I find that a company or product I have recommended is not satisfactory, I will post an update to my readers. And of course I am always open to hearing your feedback about your own experience with my recommendations, so please don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter.

In all of my work, my priority is to maintain my personal integrity and convey messages and lessons of wisdom, valuable examples of success, positive male role models for young men and boys, and useful tactics and tools for you to improve your life and do more of what you love. This is a work in progress, and I will strive to keep it ever-updated as I evolve on my journey and learn and discover new truths.

Come with me.