Cody is cofounder and program director of the HERO Foundry, an early-stage Northern California education technology, marketing, and events company. (Past: Co-Founder & CMO of Untemplater, Founding Director of Digital Nomad Academy)

An entrepreneur, educator, writer, and growth marketer with 12 years experience bringing virtual products, courses, and transformative events to market across the globe, Cody has spoken onstage on three continents, and lived overseas for nine years (Asia, Latin America, and Europe) while building three small digital publishing companies.

As a coach and small business advisor, Cody helps early-stage founders with market research, creating virtual e-learning products (digital information products, member platforms, online courses, etc.), sales funnel design, and product launch strategies, as well as helping business owners, executives, and entrepreneurial fathers navigate major life transitions.

He has coordinated and hosted three major conferences, and dozens of entrepreneurial retreats, seminars, and workshops with clients in the USA, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and has helped grow an MBA program, international hotel chains, university and international print magazines, and nonprofits like Courageous Kitchen. His writing, photography, and videography have been published in Fodor’s Bangkok Travel Guide, CNN Travel, Prosper Magazine, South East Asia Backpacker Magazine, the Washington Post, Virgin online, Gizmodo, Small Business Trends, BizJournals and more.

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