the King must Rise

Every Hero Must Live By a Code

2014 short film produced by Cody McKibben (a YouTube favorite with over 214,000 views)

The Foundry is inspired by many phenomenal teachers, guides, and mentors, and we stand by a comprehensive set of Core Principles. But if they were to be distilled down into three simple, unbreakable Rules, they would be these:


Here inside the HERO Foundry, we believe that life is a Sacred Test, a Spiritual Battle against adversity and challenges that REFINE us and endow us with PURPOSE. Your life here on this planet is a fabulous opportunity, but your time is very limited, so the true Hero accepts the challenge to take it seriously. Don’t waste this chance you’ve been given to discover what you LOVE doing and excel at, and make the COMMITMENT to Greatness, rather than good enough.

The Foundry is for Go-Getters who wholeheartedly embrace a “Play BIG or Go Home” attitude. We believe that business is NOT about money, but about carving out a path to SERVE others to the best of our abilities, and we are here to help cultivate the rare breed who are ready to become LEADERS, Producers, Action-Takers, and Proactive Entrepreneurs equipped with the skills and mindsets to transform the world around them for the better. Don’t be “realistic” with your goals; instead aim for the highest good imaginable and see how far you can get. We believe that, if you put your Absolute 100% Relentless Commitment into life, you can have nearly anything, you just can’t have EVERYTHING.

Together with the Accelerator community, organized Challenges and MasterMind groups, we will PUSH you to higher levels than you’ve ever been before, but YOU must bring the Desire and Commitment to reach for continual learning, improvement, GROWTH, and expansion. Together we will develop a much grander VISION for what’s Possible than you may currently possess, and set our Focus on creating a bigger, brighter Future, together. But the name of the game is RESULTS, and we don’t accept “Reasons” in place of continual execution towards that lofty Vision of yours.


At the same time, while striving towards a fantastic Vision of what is POSSIBLE, the genuine Hero is 100% grounded in REALITY (not Delusion). We OWN our circumstances, our Results, and our Mistakes. Pretenders and Bullshit Artists need not apply.

The Truth will set you Free. But what IS Truth? Chasing after it is a Journey that takes place both on the Inside AND the Outside. Heroes surround themselves with companions of high moral caliber, authenticity, and integrity, yes. But rather than wait for others to fix the world around us, or play the victim, we take extreme ownership for our lives and our circumstances. We take full Responsibility for everything we possibly can, adopt a stewardship mindset, and choose to make the things around us better one small step at a time, beginning from the inside, out.

Seeking Truth is not simply about hunting down Life’s forbidden Secrets, but it is about BEING the change we wish to see in the world, and LIVING in Truth. That begins within, by taking a stand and dedicating oneself to radical honesty, transparency, and to the Facts, within your Self—where ALL the genuine Answers you’ve been seeking truly reside. We can shine a light in the darkness, and offer you guidance, but YOU will have to do the hard work to discover what Treasures exist Within. You must learn to follow your OWN inner guidance system, not what the World tells you to do. You’ll be required to dig down deep, but learn to follow your Intuition, your Inner Knowing, and develop the Courage to eventually SHARE your Truth boldly, if you hope to truly unleash the powerful Hero within.


Stop living just to survive. Stop living with the sound turned down. We do not settle for comfort or mediocrity, and we do not accept a disconnected life of burying the REAL, Raw experiences of life deep down inside. No more living a sedated existence, or living on autopilot.

Life is a fantastic Journey, and the Hero is committed to the Adventure no matter where it takes them. ONLY Death is certain at the end of your Story, so let’s not die with any regrets. We have extremely limited time here, and the only way to WIN at the Game of Life is to live FULLY. You are here for a REASON, but it’s up to YOU to find Meaning in the things you do while you’re alive.

As Leaders and Entrepreneurs, the Hero’s Journey takes us on a wild rollercoaster of emotions. Inside the Foundry, you will hear people’s genuine stories of PAIN, as well as Ecstasy. We share the ups AND the downs, and you will be held to a higher standard than anywhere else in your life to EMBRACE the Rawness of your experience and get honest with yourself about whether you’re hitting the mark or not. But you will also be supported through the tough times, and celebrated in your Victories like never before. There is NO room for stagnation, low standards, or excuses. With the Foundry community behind you, there is no reason not to DIVE head-first into the Adventure of your Life and live it 100% ALL-IN.

Embrace your pain, explore the world around you. Go to the places that terrify you, find joy in even life’s most miserable challenges as they burn away your weaknesses in a crucible of fire! Nail your old Self to the cross and die through your own terrible Ordeal to be resurrected as something MORE! It’s time to uncover your Highest Self and become the biggest, best version of YOU! Together we will guide you to transform your suffering into something beautiful, share your Truth and your hidden gifts with the world, and live on PURPOSE.

“We’re in a freefall into the future. We don’t know where we’re going. Things are changing so fast, and always when you’re going through a long tunnel, anxiety comes along. And all you have to do to transform your hell into a paradise is to turn your fall into a VOLUNTARY act. It’s a very interesting shift in perspective, and that’s all it is. Joyful participation in the sorrows, and everything changes.”

–Joseph Campbell, Sukhavati