Entries by Cody McKillinit

The Influence of Perception

It’s often wild how different two people’s perceptions of the same events can vary. And it’s interesting to explore human brain development, vision, and how what you choose to focus on shapes your actual experience of life. To get different results, or an improved emotional experience, sometimes what we need most is a simple change of perspective, or a change of scenery.

New Year 2017 Personal Mastery Guide

Act quick and get your 2017 Personal Mastery Guide (courtesy of my good friend Tim Walther, founder of Grand Dynamics) which offers a framework for your reflection on 2016 and a new year’s resolution guide for visioning and planning for 2017.

A Christmas Miracle, and Happy Wishes for 2017

2016 was filled with challenges, but we’re grateful for several opportunities for healing and growth, and lots of quality family time. After spending the summer in the USA to help my mother through her stage 4 cancer, Mom finally received good news over the Christmas holiday! Here’s the McKillinit family holiday update 2016…

Make America Grateful Again

Whether you’re American or not, Thanksgiving is as good an excuse as any to be reminded of gratitude and to meditate on the people and things you’re thankful for. Join me and participate in the #MakeAmericaGratefulAgain Gratitude Challenge.