Meet the HERO Foundry Team!

We have come together to reawaken the heroic spirit in young people across the world, to empower a new generation with entrepreneurial education and unique experiences of transformation.

We will not stop until we directly equip 1 million children and young leaders around the world with entrepreneurial skills to be the heroes of their own story.

Cody McKibben – Creative Director

past HERO Talks events

The HERO Foundry began in the imagination of our founder Cody McKibben, who traveled the world for nine years to develop the grit, alliances, and cross-cultural insights to build a global community.

Cody is Chief Experience Officer for HERO conferences, retreats, and events on four continents, Principal and lead facilitator of the Foundry e-learning platform, and currently serves as Head Counselor and Chauffeur at McKillinit HQ in Northern California.

Dwight Turner — Senior Advisor and Partner

Dwight is the Director of our partner foundation Courageous Kitchen, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, which provides food aid and runs education programs teaching English and culinary skills to underserved children and at-risk families in Bangkok, Thailand and beyond — bringing self-reliance skills, nutrition, and powerful community connections to those who need them most. He serves many roles at the HERO Foundry, including advising us on ethics and accountability, as Curriculum Advisor and Community Outreach Representative.

Jam Milcah McKibben — Operations Manager

Jam brings incredible strengths from her background in science education (BSE), hospitality management, and National Service Reserve Corps training in Mindanao, Philippines. She is Queen and High Commander who has overseen day-to-day operations at McKillinit HQ across three countries so far, as well as a dedicated, hardworking SAHM and irreplaceable Director of Childhood Education. In 2018, she will be our organization’s first Lead Content Coordinator, taking charge for social media assets and online community management.

Ian Borders — Advisor 

Ian built financial services company MergePay [archive] from 2012-2015 with Singaporean angel investment. Retired chef, music industry veteran, serial entrepreneur, advertising and branding expert, Ian is now CEO of Fueled by Coffee, LLC, and founder of Coinsparrow. He brings over 10 years experience building innovative technology in the payments, banking, blockchain, and FinTech space.

Kyle Gray – Advisor

Kyle runs an agency that helps startups create winning content marketing strategies and sales funnels, and he is author of the incredible books The College Entrepreneur and Amazon #1 bestseller The Story Engine. He brings his extensive experience as an alumni and instructor at the The Foundry startup accelerator at the University of Utah to help bring structure and guidance to our organization.

Dwight Wise – Advisor

Dwight currently serves as President of the Business Honors Society at the California State University, Sacramento. With a rich background in management, social and behavioral sciences, and international business, he is integral to the Sacramento State College of Business Administration, the Sacramento business ecosystem, and beyond.