Join Cody McKibben and HERO Foundry senior advisors for the next 90-day HERO Challenge, participate in weekly accountability calls, get 12 weeks of Hero’s Journey training custom-crafted around YOU and your business, 1 on 1 personal attention and action plans to accelerate your growth, weekly and daily missions and exercises to propel you towards your 2019 goals.


Week 2 : Answering the Call

Week 3 : Overcoming Doubts & Setbacks

Week 4 : A Modern Warrior’s Initiation – Guides, Mentors + Helpers

Week 5 : Taking the Leap Into the Unknown

Week 6 : Identifying Obstacles, Assets + Allies

Week 7 : Intro to Slaying Dragons 101

Week 8 : The Crucible – Conquering Your Biggest Enemy

Week 9 : Sword in the Stone – Discovering your Hidden Treasure

Week 10 : Cultivating Discipline for the Long Game

Week 11 : Resurrection, Rebirth + Rewriting Your Story

Week 12 : Shadow Integration + Sharing Your Gifts

Week 13 : Walking Your New Path of Expansion


"Cody has almost single-handedly been responsible for my successful launch into location independent working and living."

Samantha Alvarez
Samantha Alvarez

"Cody is a superhero. His excitement to share his wisdom about business, internet marketing and life helped me break through obstacles again and again over the past 4 months. If you want to escape your false constraints and live life on your own terms, you'd do well to listen to him."

Zach Obront
Zach Obront Scribe Writing

"Cody could not have been more helpful during my time working with him. Creative, thoughtful, and responsive, Cody helped to expand my business, gain new clients, and implement effective internet marketing strategies that have increased my sales and revenue. An inspiration to work with, I recommend Cody's services without reservation to any business, big or small."

Zachary Stockill
Zachary Stockill Humans In Love podcast