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Thank you for having the courage to come along on this Hero’s Journey with us!

With your help, we’re going to create something beautiful. Over the coming months, the HERO Project will become a laboratory where you and I will crowdsource collective wisdom, and you’ll get exclusive access to new content and videos each month, curated personal development tools, reviews, interviews and more.

My hope is to cultivate an active community and create a repository for lifestyle and business experiments, case studies, and strategies for success.

I have studied and worked tirelessly for YEARS towards this objective, a commitment that has taken me on a wild voyage across four continents, searching for the places where I can develop optimal freedom and flexibility, seeking out the masters who rule the world, and the creative, sometimes renegade people on the cutting edge who are experimenting with the things that might save it.

I’ve shaken hands with billionaires, and gotten bear hugs from third-world mobsters. I’ve learned at the feet of Buddhist abbots in exotic Asian temples, and I’ve learned at the wrong end of a gun.

I’ve studied everything from the history of ancient civilizations, to world religions, philosophy, psychology, marketing, popular culture, art history, mythology, world geopolitics, trend analysis and macro economics in the search for answers.

But the first step to mastery, self-actualization, and genuine sovereignty is to be willing to dig deep and look inside for the answers.

“In The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell speaks about how Freud and Jung were deeply committed students of the continuum of human behavior and the unconscious. He points to their special interest in the plausible call that rises within human beings —the call that causes individuals who have been living highly externalized lives to stop, take notice, and redirect themselves to a higher self—or else suffer becoming more and more lackluster and world-weary.

“Hence the person who has tired of the curios offered by culture, or one who has been broken from a brittle shell and is wandering in shock—awakens slowly, or all at once—choosing to move toward a larger life that includes spirit and soul. Now, the person sets out on a journey downward and begins to map and find the resources of a richer interior life—one that can also inform outer life. This quest has been understood, since time out of mind, as one undertaken in order to feel alive again, to remember and to keep what is holy in life. It is a journey to find a truer selfhood; one that cannot be easily corrupted by the outer world, or by time. The impulse fulfills a longing to unearth and reveal one’s greatest and deepest shadows and gifts. It provides the balances required for a person to feel one thing especially—Contentment.

“This is the main point, it seems to me, for anyone who has the calling of healer, storyteller, poet, artist, leader—as Walt Whitman counseled, “to embrace all our contradictions”; and then, to keep the way open; to keep plowing through the coldest, and most difficult terrain; to keep alive the hearts of whatever one can; to give, insofar as one is able, every soul a chance to hear about, to find, to know that we still are, will always be, have always been… the most direct and open paths back to the water.”

–Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

We’re going to utilize Joseph Campbell’s perennial “Hero’s Journey” monomyth concept to build our story around… our learning framework, and training curricula which I hope to one day develop into after-school programs, in-person courses, and maybe even a real-life HERO School eventually!


This is the cyclical hero’s path seen time and again throughout mythical stories passed down over the millennia, in religious belief systems, in children’s bedtime stories, classic literature, and even pop culture fantasy and science fiction of today.

We’re going to have a lot of fun talking about iconic comic book superheroes, your favorite Jedi, or courageous knights of old… but heroes don’t only exist in fiction either.

There are great souls buried across the world at all times and in all places, like seeds waiting for the rain.

…You, if you have a great soul, need only to see an example in order to potentially rise to full flower. For great souls to manifest themselves, they require only the implicit permission of exposure to other great souls.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux
modern day philosopher

Follow me on a mission to pursue new, increasing levels of mastery, and watch me go through the challenges and transformations necessary to become the kind of person who can actually achieve the insanely big vision I have. In the process, you’ll get a backstage pass to watch my personal development theories come to life, help guide the direction of the upcoming book and its supplementary virtual training, and participate alongside me on occasional bootcamps, challenges, MasterMinds, and more.

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With deep gratitude,

Cody McKibben


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