7 January, 2019 • THAILAND

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Embark upon YOUR Hero's Journey

Join Fellow Leaders from Across the World for a Modern Initiation…

You are invited to tropical paradise for an exclusive 5-day adventure leadership retreat, right in the heart of breathtaking Krabi, Thailand.

Join a hand-selected cohort of ambitious entrepreneurs and creatives who will enter a life-changing immersion experience — a CRUCIBLE that will challenge you, enlighten you, and reconnect you to nature, to your best self, to your purpose, and to a few remarkable new friends who will help you exponentially amplify your impact — in your family, your business, and in your community.

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Perfected After YEARS of Refining…

A Rite of Passage for Modern-Day Heroes

Here's Why You'll Love This Amazing Event:

  • Uncover your sacred Purpose, and clarify a powerful Vision for your future!

Without direction, it's far too easy to become distracted and overwhelmed with others' expectations and needs, the news of the day, and the random tasks that may fall into your inbox, chasing our own tails and getting NOWHERE. We'll help you decipher your inner Values and higher Calling, so you leave with a clear Focus, and a compelling Mission to propel you forward to success.

  • Reconnect with Nature, your body, AND your Higher Self!

Part of discovering that higher Life Purpose comes down to simply accessing your TRUE inner genius, and listening to the Voice deep down inside that KNOWS. We'll ground ourselves deeply in the Present, and in Nature, to create SPACE from the chaos of normal day-to-day life, so you can get invaluable Perspective on your life circumstances and listen to your Soul's deep inner longings.

  • Get the support and guidance to successfully Rewrite Your Story for Success!

More than anything, our life circumstances are a reflection of the Stories we tell ourselves (and others). Over and over again, we reinforce our own limiting beliefs and often restrict our full potential with doubts, discouragement and negativity. Here at the Foundry, we specialize in taking you through a mythological process to REWRITE those personal stories, to EXPAND your Reality, and REINVENT yourself and what's possible for you.

  • Learn how to harness your inner Power to fuel your creative Production + Profit!

As we put ourselves to the test every day, in the POWERFUL ocean, in the jungle, and on the mountain, you will discover the all-too-often neglected lesson of how vital it is to move your body daily, to SWEAT, and how to properly CHANNEL the Energy and Power that your body provides for you into your Creative Production, to FUEL your passion for your Best Work, and accelerate the expansion of your Empire.

  • This is just the BEGINNING of a 90-Day+ Journey that will Transform Your Life

If you are accepted into the Foundry program, this in-person immersion is merely the tip of the iceberg. You'll be introduced to some preliminary concepts and most importantly BOND face-to-face with other entrepreneurs who will become instrumental in your long-term success. But you will then commence a personal transformation process proven by YEARS of research with our online training and accountability systems that is guaranteed to change your life in a way that's UNPARALLELED by your typical seminars, conferences, or events.

But, this Crucible is ONLY for the courageous few…

5-Star Luxury Accommodation

Our partners in Asia have been busily building the perfect new ecological resort and facilities for reinventing ourselves in paradise

Expert Guides & Adventure Tours

Follow expert trainer Mark Leo and local guides for exhilarating hikes, bouldering, sea kayaking, and more

Transformational Coaching

Be one of the first to deep dive into our comprehensive 1-year "Hero's Journey" leadership training and business growth framework

Daily Fitness, Healthy Food & Self-Care

You'll be pampered with optional daily morning yoga, guided meditations, and delicious breakfasts and Thai cuisine included

Join our Family on Annual Retreat

Here is our Leadership Team:

Get Ready for a Paradigm Change!

Here's What People Say:

The best time I’ve ever had traveling – and I’ve traveled a lot! Cody has a gift for creating amazing experiences! I was challenged, pushed out of my comfort zone, terrified, AND having the best time of my life all at once, and in one of the most beautiful places in the world! I wish I could do it all over again.

Kate Hill
Kate Hill

Find Us in Shangri-La

A Top-Secret Destination Reserved for Our VIP Guests ONLY

Krabi's newest 5-star Eco Resort

(Secret Location TBA)
Ao Nang, Krabi

Join us at a very special Green Globe Certified Resort making its first debut this December, guests will be surrounded by peaceful greenery and framed by Krabi's breathtaking limestone cliffs, famous with rock climbers around the world.

With a 360-degree view of nature, the resort location is only 8 minutes away from the beach, shopping, dining, and entertainment. All accessible by our fleet of on-demand E-Tuk Tuk limos.

Your Chance to Re-Invent Yourself

Kiss your old life goodbye in:


Seats are LIMITED to 12 or less, by application only.

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