Potential dates:  January 9 – 21

Preferred:  Friday, Jan 11 – Sunday, Jan 20

10-12 days+ (with potential extensions for some guests)

3 rooms+ (with possible additions over the next month if pricing is suitable for local clientele, esp Bangkok + Chiang Mai audiences)

Current guest list: 

  • Group 1: 2 adults + 2 children (ages 2 & 4) – either a spacious bungalow with extra cot bed(s) or a 2BR would be ideal.
  • Group 2: likely 2 adults + 1 child (age 4) – this is me and my family, assuming I bring them (though not absolutely 100% at this point) but we can fit into a 1BR if necessary, would be great to have at least an extra pad for Chris, but even a king size bed will do.
  • Group 3: 1 adult  – 1BR is fine, though if the family doesn’t come along, Dwight may just split a place with me depending on what’s available and pricing (since this is all coming out of my pocket)
  • I do have 1 warm lead (a past client of mine interested to do some training with you), and a shortlist of other potential applicants once we nail down the details and IF the price is right

Other needs:

  • I need a Mountain to hike
  • A sea kayaking trip for 3+ adults (or river kayak if better)
  • An island-hopping/snorkeling boat trip for the whole group if possible
  • Would love to include breakfasts and possibly green shakes at least for 6 mornings (during my planned itinerary I will share below)
  • Preferably within close proximity to a beach (especially for the families so the kids don’t have to ride motorbikes) and to nearby restaurants  (alternative/complementary: as long as we can secure a reasonably-priced dedicated van/driver for the 5-6 days of activities)
  • Possibly a morning yoga teacher / guided meditation a few days would be great

(ideal dates)

  • group arrived, assembled, and settled on Samui before Sunday, Jan 13
  • Mon, Jan 14: the Road of Trials – if you’re willing and able to provide us just one day of ass-kicking, running, warmup, gym training/boxing/basic self-defense/MMA intro and really just kick our asses, help me break these guys down, and I will have some psychology/writing exercises for the guys related to identifying Enemies, Obstacles, and Allies. That night if at all possible, it would also be a blast to take them to see a local Muay Thai fight.
  • Tues, Jan 15: The Mountain – we go for a good solid hike, somewhere with a great view, not sure if you guys have anywhere like the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, but if there’s a place with Buddhist temple(s) near basecamp where the kids and moms might be able to hang back and take it a little easier if necessary, that would be ideal too. For the guys, this comes with some exercises about identifying their own personal Mount Everest – the summit they’re climbing towards.
  • Wed, Jan 16: The Swim – sea kayaking or possibly snorkeling, want to get them somewhere (on the mainland is fine) but where they can possibly identify an island(s) off in the distance and visualize the Man they must become to “reach their Island” and claim it for their own.
  • Thurs, Jan 17: The Coffin/Catharsis – early AM start and hopefully somewhere in the jungle or something where participants can bury a small token of their past/limiting beliefs. Alternately would also love to find somewhere on the beach that night to build a bonfire where we could make our “sacrifice” to the fire. Daytime activity will be more chill, just find a nice beach club or somewhere we can do some journaling exercises for the afternoon and just enjoy the ocean with the families.
  • Fri, Jan 18: The Island – a sailing / boat trip esp if possible to do a little basic island hopping or snorkeling with the whole group. This is just a fun day, to celebrate once the whole group has had a solid week to really bond and delve into some deeper writing exercises and workshops. (all loose dates but these would be ideal)
  • the following Saturday/Sunday everybody is back on their own to do as they please, but it would be great to take my partner Dwight out to the bars or somewhere fun for a little bachelor party since he’s getting married in Chumpon on the 26th!

Estimated Budget:

I know it’s tight, but since this is all coming out of pocket from me, if there is any way possible you can help me out by giving your best rates imaginable, I will love you FOREVER.  As of now, I believe I can budget approx. 40,000–50,000 baht for the 3 rooms (or a villa if you think you can fit us all in together) for at least 10 nights+ and the 5-day immersion activities / transportation.

If you are willing to do me a solid and keep it as affordable as possible I am more than willing to go overboard and help you out in return brother – the guys I am bringing are a couple creative dudes with lots of marketing/copywriting experience and we’ll be brainstorming and putting together lots of business ideas while we’re together, so you are 100% invited and welcome to participate in all the workshops/exercises I have planned if you’d like and have the time.

I also would LOVE to put together some sexy videos to promote what YOU’RE doing while we’re there and happy to help craft some marketing strategies/materials with you while we’re in Samui. Here’s my latest for a client here in Bohol as an example:

Could do it for your camp/training, and for your properties (like the one below) or whatever you like!

The lower you’re willing to keep the costs, and also IF you’re up for really partnering with me (i.e. letting me put your face on the sales page, talk you up, and include at least a day of your training/tag along for as many of the activities as you’d like) I think we stand a solid chance of selling a few MORE seats over the next month as well. I have 4 targeted FB groups across Thailand (with lots of the “digital nomad” types) and a few email lists of folks interested in events/moving to Thailand. So if we act fast I already have about 20 past applicants I can already reach out to, and I know there’s at least 1-2K potential prospects through our communities.

The more involved you can be, and the lower the expenses – I’d be more than willing to really go 50/50 and split any profits with you too brother. But we’ve gotta ACT FAST if we’re gonna do it!

Here’s some of the case studies from my past retreats in case you haven’t seen this before:

Also here’s my event concept page (still in development, waiting to lock in the new location) but for your reference: https://herofoundry.org/retreat/

I know this is a lot to chew on, but it’s a process I’ve locked down over in Krabi. I have all of the locations and activity providers on lock over there, but our hotel partner is behind schedule with his brand new property and prices are sky high for the holidays, so if the numbers are better with you in Samui, I’d LOVE to team up with you in some way to make this a reality if possible.

I’m flexible and open to any and all ideas and adjustments.

I’m even happy to help you craft this into a blueprint YOU can use again on repeat with your clients too if you like.

Just get back to me ASAP and let me know what options you have for the first couple bungalows at least in that price range (closer to 30-40K the better!), and if we can find other nearby hotel rooms to tack on additional people after that, I’m confident we could sell tickets for a 6/7 nights experience at probably $500-700 each…

Just gotta get it OUT THERE ASAP!

And I think I likely already have at least 1 or 2 friends who would ALSO like to extend their time there and do more 1-on-1 training with you afterward. At the very least I’ll promote you ALL over our FB groups, Instagram and Youtube and you’ll DEFINITELY get some leads for the future! 🙂

Thanks for your help brother, whatever you’re able to do! Korp khun krup Kru Sean 🙏👊