We work with remarkable entrepreneurs and organizations to establish their online presence and spread awareness of their cause globally.

Our mission at HERO Foundry is to help you rewrite your story, discover your inner hero, share your mission with the world, and to help develop socially-minded entrepreneurs, organizations, and products that the world needs.

Company Profiles

We are always searching for entrepreneurs doing good in the world! Let us help you develop and share your company story publicly with a short company profile video or mission statement.


Motivational / Promo Videos

If your company wants to sponsor a viral video or short film, we specialize in video production, and can draw from an extensive library of worldwide footage to create the right combination of imagery, messaging, music, and impact. Our most popular long-form video has already been viewed over 210,000 times on YouTube and inspires hundreds of viewers daily:


Event Marketing / Videography

With over 15 years experience in photography and video production, our A/V team can deliver low-cost but beautiful video coverage for your wedding, conference, or professional event.


What else can we help you with?

  • Strategic planning to provide a marketing funnel roadmap
  • Graphic Design and Company Branding
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Persuasive Copywriting and Sales Page Design
  • Influencer Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Media Marketing and Management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)