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ALL the Rules Have Changed.

Audio from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast #389.

There used to be a time where people didn’t have a choice. Your parents and grandparents had to follow the template lifestyle if they wanted to be successful later on in life.

People just didn’t have the tools to do what they wanted to do back then – and so they followed the path society created for them.

They went to school. To college. Got a job. And then they stayed with the same company until they retired.

But while the world has changed, the system has remained the same.

There’s no such thing as job security anymore.

I mean… think of the term “job security” for a second.

That implies that you’re actually secure when you have a job.

But how can you be “secure” when your boss has the power to fire you whenever they want?

We’ve all seen it happen in the last few years… people get fired left and right, and industries that were booming ten years ago now are going extinct. And this is still just the beginning of the huge transformations we will see in our economy…

The people that do have jobs don’t stick around any one company for long. They now switch jobs all the time and start working in exciting new industries that didn’t even exist ten years ago.

So how can our education system prepare us for an economy that’s constantly changing ALL THE TIME?

The answer is that it can’t.

Sadly, most of the things they teach you in school today are useless. The U.S. public school system is an antiquated institution that was developed during the Industrial Era to crank out factory workers and blue-collar employees. And it worked really well for the first half of the 1900s!

But think about that for a second. It still works really well… but it’s basically a factory for turning raw human potential into really good employees. It’s designed to churn out good rule-followers, to INDOCTRINATE young people to gladly accept their role as part of the system and behave obediently according to social norms.

And college isn’t much better either. Too many graduates leave college with crushing debt, only to realize that they’re ill-prepared to handle the challenges that they come across in real life.

Frankly I’m angry by the numbers of young twentysomethings that come into my training programs completely lost, saying they’re working on their Master’s degree or PhD program, and their professors apparently can’t even give them the most basic of pointers about how to actually find WORK, or where to discover a market of hungry consumers in their concentration, if they wanted to build a business around their degree expertise.

If they can’t show you a clear path to a real career, then what in the hell ARE they offering?!?

How many of us have paid $50,000, or $100,000, or more, for one of these cherished credentials, only to find out after the sale that career opportunities are sold separately.

They don’t teach you ANY of the skills that you actually need in the real world. How to balance your checkbook, how to communicate effectively, how to negotiate, how to think for yourself, take initiative, and learn to be more self-reliant and self-directed…

…how to question authority, how to create something of your own rather than being primarily a passive consumer of everything around you (entertainment, products, news, art)…

…how to find meaning in your life, how to love, how to relate to others, cultivate happiness, and make the most of the short amount of time you have on this planet…

Instead, they teach you how to do complex mathematics. They tell you to memorize statistics and facts about our political history, teach you to pledge allegiance to an inanimate flag, and other assorted worthy life goals (kidding). Students get taught outdated skills that aren’t relevant to your happiness or success – and then once you complete your degree program, they convince you that you’ve reached some plateau of success and you’re done learning for the rest of your life.

It’s funny how we spend so much time, so many years of our lives, and often tens of thousands of dollars (the college debt really gets you hooked in their system), just to be trained to be obedient, accept your lot in life, that your lofty childhood dreams were too ambitious (how many times have you been told to “be more reasonable”?), and accept a passive role as an employee, taking orders from someone else, working on someone else’s goals and vision for the world — rather than your own.

So where do you turn to actually learn the skills that are necessary for true greatness?

Well… while the education system has become less and less relevant, the internet has come and taken its place.

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