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Go from ZERO to Profitability in Just 1 Month

We’ve trained over 2,500 students across six continents how to build web-based business they can operate from anywhere in the world, monetize their knowledge, and provide services and products online.

Start YOUR Journey with a Small Circle of Fellow HEROES Beginning March 1 for a 30-Day Step by Step Initiation into building YOUR Information Product Business — holding each other accountable EVERY DAY for results.

Get an Inside Look at How I Built & Launched a Successful Online Business with $17,000 in Sales on Day 1

For the first time EVER, I will be cracking open the king's chamber and show you behind the scenes at the Digital Nomad Academy. You'll learn how I developed a healthy passive income membership site from start to finish, how I pre-marketed the idea before building anything, and if you stay with us inside the HERO Foundry, you'll actually get access to ALL the original training and content since 2010.

Discover How to Craft Your OWN Personal Brand or Freedom Business Around YOUR Expertise

The most difficult thing for most first-time product creators is simply not knowing where to start. We'll lead you on a process to inventory your unique skills and experience to translate your own expertise into a well-crafted information product for YOUR audience.

Learn Proven Strategies, Blueprints and Frameworks to Build, Grow, and Market Your Business

More than simply the tools and platforms to build your next information product, you'll get ALL the blueprints and frameworks necessary to structure a thriving online business, roll out your marketing efforts, and you'll even get my proven email swipe copy I used to kickstart the Academy!

"I have to tell you, you have opened my eyes to what is possible and our life will never be the same again. I now have a strong foundation and am concentrating on what I believe will be some monumental wins in the next year. When I started out, the online business world seemed like a murky, incongruent, frustrating mess. Now, I can see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel."

Tim Juliussen - Father, Veteran & Business Owner

"We worked with Cody on a recent launch, for one of our info-products. He designed the sales page, helped with the creation of sales copy, was instrumental in email list blasts and marketing, as well as graphics, too. The overall result was a resounding success, and I won't hesitate to team up with him again in the future, should the opportunity present itself."

Chris Ducker - Author, Speaker, and International Business Expert

Private Weekly Master Classes to Supercharge Your Progress

Week #1 - Refine Your Offer and Hone in on Your Ideal Target Customers

In week 1, we will focus on narrowing down your valuable expertise into something people will be HUNGRY to buy, plus a discovery process to identify the customers you will resonate most with, and how to address their BIGGEST problems and pains.

Week #2 - Learn How to Fine-Tune and Structure Your Virtual Product

In week 2, I will share the unique approach I took to get my customer community interacting in the product-creation process along with me to develop the most powerful offer possible! We'll dive into the logistics of creating your course, ebook, community, or coaching offer, as well as ways you can get other people onboard to help build your content FOR you.

Week #3 - The DNA of a Product Launch + How to Scale Your Online Empire

Learn the best way to structure your business from a high-level perspective for sustainable long-term growth and profitability, as well as a smart marketing strategy to spread the word and have customers lining up to buy from you BEFORE you've even completed product creation!

Week #4 - The Low-Cost Method to Market Your Offer + Automate Sales

It's one thing to simply build a product for sale online, but it's another to fuel your business with ongoing profits and customers. I'll break down a unique way to get your offer in front of new audiences and ensure ongoing sales with minimal investment.

Join Our March 30-Day Challenge While You Still Can

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This is the First Time I Am Revealing the Exact Blueprints and Frameworks I Used to Create a $5,000/month Information Business

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN RESULTS! You will have to put in the hard work, but I am going to give you complete insider access to EVERYTHING I've built over the last 9 years at the Digital Nomad Academy to give you a concrete example of how it's possible to launch a successful new product to YOUR audience, how to assemble your online infrastructure, and how to develop a compelling marketing strategy that will drive continual traffic to YOUR Freedom Business.

Not only will you get DAILY step-by-step instructions for the steps you need to take to create your new offer, but you will also have access to a community of fellow entrepreneurs who will support you and keep you on target for the next month as you go through your acceleration process!

PLUS AS A BONUS, you will also get access to the ENTIRE DNA Library, over 85 hours of expert interviews and training content with amazing mentors like Derek Sivers, Colin Wright, Chris Ducker, Glen Allsop, and MANY more…

This is the first time I have ever packaged up so much value into one single training course, and it is the LAST time you will ever get so much valuable content at this price.