Empire Building Kit EBK review

Here’s everything you need to create your own empire. It takes hard work, persistence, and the right sequence of decisions—but the good news is that it’s not that difficult.

Get a 365-day plan of attack to Build a Meaningful Lifestyle Business in One Year by Doing One Thing Every Day

If you want to create the personal freedom to live anywhere you desire, travel when you please, spend more time with family, and generally own your own time, then you need to build business assets that will pay you over and over without relying on a paycheck, and without working your butt off making someone else rich. You need to start building your own small business empire.

For those of you that aren’t here to fuck around and want to get right into building a profitable business, here’s my #1 recommendation for a course to build a real business that lets you live the life you want, do what you love, and make a living at it:

The Empire Building Kit by Chris Guillebeau

I remember eating a delicious Thai meal with Chris Guillebeau at my favorite wine bar one night in Bangkok, well over a year ago now, and he began telling me about his upcoming Empire Building project. Now it has come to fruition, and essentially it’s a comprehensive online course designed to help you build a sustainable lifestyle business that earns you at least $50–150K a year, by doing just one simple thing each day.

So what the hell qualifies Chris to teach you how to become an emperor?? If you don’t follow him already, Chris runs a massively popular blog called The Art of Non-Conformity all about unconventional thinking and living. His free manifesto A Brief Guide to World Domination has been downloaded over 100,000 times. He’s been completely self-employed his entire life, earning his income online for the last 10 years, and building a stunning reputation for himself through his own writing projects, so he brings a great deal of knowledge to the subject.

Chris has traveled the globe with the goal of visiting every country in the world, using his own small business to fund his travels. His comprehensive Empire Building Kit (EBK for short) is a straight-forward course filled with reports, case studies, audio and video, in easy-to-consume daily doses, that will get you started building your own very small business that will help you have the same personal freedom to go where you want, when you want!

Who is it for? And what do you get?

EBK is great for someone who’s ready to start their first online business (even small side businesses in your off time from a full-time job), or anyone that’s got their own existing small business that they are serious about taking to the next level. Or if you’re constantly filled with great business ideas but lack the motivation or know-how to execute, then this will give you the ass-kicking you need too!

The Empire Building Kit breaks down several different businesses that earn at least $50,000 a year. This includes video and audio interviews and case studies with dozens of small business owners, each of which are outstanding for motivation if you haven’t started your own business yet. (Depending on which package you purchase, you’ll get more case studies.)

One success story is someone who earns over $105,000 a year walking dogs. If one woman can make that much income walking dogs, then certainly you can build a thriving business doing whatever you’re passionate about!

No matter which package you decide to purchase, the EBK comes with a 365-day email series that will take you by the hand through the stages of building your first successful business—from idea generation to market research to launching a product.

Empire Building Kit daily emails

The email series is spectacular for anyone starting their first business, and even useful for folks like me who’ve been at it for a while. To help you keep up the momentum and prevent overwhelm you’ll get one step a day to you can build your business. This serves as a constant daily reminder to stay focused on your business goals, and it’s great to have someone there alongside you for an entire year!

You’ll get access to case studies from 15 wise emperors who earn $50,000 to $150,000 a year in net income, including confidential details on their marketing and operations. And for those who purchase the Alexander the Great package, you’ll get special behind-the-curtain look at the Unconventional Guides business operations (income, sales figures per launch, screw-ups, and how one decision increased Chris’ online revenue by 25%).

You’ll also get a recording of the live webinar Chris conducted for pre-launch “emperors”, with tons more how-to information and answers to participants’ questions all about the EBK and building the businesses they’ve been wanting.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Which business ideas are most likely to succeed (And how to know when to trust your gut)
  • What the most important steps to take in building an empire are—and which ones can you stop worrying about
  • How you can dramatically increase profits in an existing business
  • How you can create a soft-sell environment where eager customers can’t wait to buy your next offering!
  • Most importantly… how you can do all of this without killing yourself!

To further equip you in your quest to build a global business empire, if you purchase the Hail Caesar or Alexander the Great kits  Chris will also give you his personal 43-Step Product Launch Checklist, which will help you bring in an additional $2,000 for every launch, and ensure that 35% of customers buy another product right after their first order! This Launch formula alone is worth the price of the EBK!

My experience and overall thoughts on the EBK course:

Just like Chris’ Unconventional Guides series, the Empire Building Kit is extremely professionally put together, and it’s jam-packed with valuable ideas. Even for someone like me, after doing this for more than four years, I always get incredible insights and new strategies from Chris Guillebeau.

I’ve been part of the Empire Building Kit project since May, 2010 (over 3 months now!), and every single day I’m receiving valuable and thought-provoking emails that inspire new business ideas, business case studies and new strategies for improving and adjusting what I’m already doing with my business.

Empire Building Kit daily emails

I’ve had access to the “Emperor Training Grounds” for a over three months now. The core of the EBK process is using case studies to analyze real-life business situations and share mistakes others have made and lessons learned as others have built and grown their businesses. I’ve already received 6 great video interviews and 18 PDF case studies with successful A-list bloggers and small business owners earning over $50K!

I’m a fan of loading up my iPhone with podcasts for when I’m commuting across the city, and filling up my iTunes with videos for when I’m traveling by bus or plane or whatnot, so I appreciate that I can download all the audio and video multimedia to take in whenever I like, on my own schedule. Overall the videos, audio, and case study content are incredibly valuable and provide a lot of new ideas and alternative perspectives on things.

In my opinion, some of the emails are a bit simplistic for me, given the years of experience I’ve already had with online business. And in all honesty, at first I was a little bit disappointed that the emails don’t always have a specific actionable step to take toward building my Empire (sometimes it’s a reminder or a follow-up of the previous day’s ideas).

But other emails are interesting and insightful enough—introducing new income strategies or business concepts—that they make up for the more basic ones! It’s a testament though to how well Chris has broken things down into small daily steps, and easily-digestible lessons, that when strung together for a whole year will change your entrepreneurial life quite a lot. For some folks it’s a great reason to choose this course: it also shows you can certainly start from scratch with no prior knowledge about doing business on the internet.

Why you should buy the Empire Building Kit:

I’d recommend the Empire Building Kit to anyone who’s getting started building a business online and not sure where to begin, or to anyone who’s already running their own small online business and they truly want to boost their profitability. Even if you’re just looking for alternatives (or supplements) to your full-time job, this course has the power to change your life. I’m on day 103 and it has already had a great impact on my online business.

There are many other benefits, and Chris will still be expanding and adding new content to the EBK until next spring, but I think you’re better off just checking out the site for yourself and seeing exactly how the Empire Building Kit can help you.

Are you ready to stop screwing around and get serious about online business? Ready to create the company you’ve always wanted? Ready to be your own master, and build your own international business empire?

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Empire Building Kit EBK review